CBD Statistics

  • CBD product sales were $5B in 2021 growing to $16B by 2026
  • 79.2% who take CBD experience a decrease in anxiety
  • 66.7% experience improved sleep
  • 100% of migraine and headache sufferers are helped
  • PTSD patients saw a 75% reduction in symptoms
  • 64% of senior adults say that their quality of life improved after using CBD

Current Status

Acquisition Focus

We are in discussions with CBD companies with combined revenues of $50M+
The company categories are:
  • CBD Distributors
  • CBD Manufacturers
  • CBD Retailers
  • CBD Health and Wellness
NEW Smokeable Odorless Hemp Products


CBD SINGLZ are for smokers 21+. CBD SINGLZ are pre-rolled and filtered using 100% odorless hemp. CBD SINGLZ give off NO HEMP AROMA when packaged or smoked. All products are grown and packaged in the U.S.A. CBD SINGLZ give traditional smokers an opportunity to smoke a single without buying a 20 pack. Most smokers will enjoy the natural benefits associated with CBD. Smoking CBD can deliver effects in seconds vs hours associated with other CBD products.

Truz hemp pre-rolls contain NO tobacco and NO nicotine. Instead, our CBD pre-rolls contain 100% American-grown industrial hemp which contains a wide array of cannabinoids and terpenes. Unlike most tobacco cigarettes, our hemp blend is grown without the use of pesticides.

Projected Gross Revenues / Gross Profits

NASDAQ Uplisting

It is our goal to meet minimum NASDAQ requirements with acquisitions combined with a capital raise
  • Net tangible assets of $4 Million
  • $50 million market capitalization
  • 37 million shares at $4 minimum share price fulfill this
  • Net income latest fiscal year or two of past three fiscal years of $750,000
  • 1606 corp targeted acquisitions and projected sales exceed NASDAQ requirements

Summary of Strategy


We have companies under NDA’s and engagement letters who have expressed an interest in being acquired by 1606 corp.


Consolidate the fragmented CBD industry and increase profits by acquiring brands, manufacturers, and specialty retailers that work together.


Collectively, these companies will have over $50M in revenue and $6M in EBITDA in 2022. Projections exceed $50M in revenue for 2023.


Rapid innovation and consumer demand testing through our own channels.


Acquire companies with mostly our publicly traded stock and  ome cash.

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